Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Please read! Date set for TMSC summer meet AND Daktronicstrainingng.

Hello, Tulsa Masters Swim Club Members!!!!

GOOD NEWS!! We have a date for the Oklahoma Memorial Masters State Championship meet! The meet will be August 13th and the brand new, indoor, 50 meter, Jenks Trojan Aquatic Center. Tulsa Masters Swim Club is beginning a new chapter in its history of bringing quality masters swimming competition opportunities to our region.

What happens now??? We now need to IMMEDIATELY identify a meet director! Don't worry, the new meet director won't be in it alone. I will be acting as the liaison between the club and Jenks Public Schools (JPS) for the things pertaining to the facility itself. The meet director will be responsible for the 'other' stuff: obtaining the sanction, the entry form, registration, volunteers, social, etc. And as meet director, many of these things can be DELEGATED to your fellow club members! It is OUR meet, we can ALL help in some way.

PLEASE contact me immediately if you are willing to help. We need to start publicizing the event soon, so people will make plans to attend.

Next on the agenda: Daktronics training. The timing system at the new pool is Daktronics. We need a few Tulsa Masters members to be trained in using this system so we can use it at our meets, specifically for the August meet. I doubt it takes a computer 'geek' to run this system, but it will require some training. So whether you are a 'geek' or not, please email me if you are interested in learning the system so I can get training set up. Again, this is something that needs to happen sooner rather than later. It is VERY important to have electronic timing at our meets.

Bottom line: 1) We need a meet director for the August 13th meet
2) We need to have several Tulsa Masters members participate in training for the Daktronics timing system at the new pool.


Denise Smart
Tulsa Masters Swim Club
918-749-2253 (evenings)

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