Monday, September 26, 2011

Jenks Pool Lockers

Masters Swimmers,
It has been decided that we will have Masters swimmers use the Competition Pool (new pool) locker room. I know several of you have had lockers for a while, and will have to get a new combo and move your things. For now, we will have access to about 12 lockers in each locker room, men’s and women’s: so far, fewer than a dozen Masters swimmers have decided to obtain a locker. I will get a list of which lockers Masters will be assigned, and then you can move your things. For now, you may start changing in and using the on-deck locker rooms.

George C. Villarreal, Manager
Jenks Trojan Aquatic Center
205 East B Street
Jenks, OK 74036
918.299.4415, ext. 1020

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tallchief results link

The Tallchief results are official and correct. Here is the link:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jenks Trojan Aquatic Center - Course Changes

Dear Masters Swimmers,

You will notice that we have changed the pool to the 25 yard dimension, which affords us the use of 19 lanes. We made the change on Monday, and it was a good day to do it. The Jenks Trojan Aquatic Center Competition Pool is a multi-use facility, shared among three competitive programs. The Jenks High School team, the Jenks Trojan Swim Club and the Masters team all use the facility, and there is significant overlap, especially during the evening swim time. Therefore, we needed to accommodate the requirements of the other two programs. We will continue to use the 25 yard courses through the Fall and Winter, though we will look to create a few long course opportunities during this time. Any conversion, however, requires lots of coordination and willing workers, so we me see few changes in the coming months.

Program Notes:
Please be sure you have your USMS registration completed. You must have your registration to participate in practices.
During ALL practices, Masters Swimmers must use the refurbished locker rooms near the 25m pool.
If you want the use of a locker, let me know, and I will furnish you with a combination.

Congratulations to everyone who competed this past weekend, in triathlons or at the Tallchief event!

Also, we will be scheduling a time this fall to have our timing system manufacturer, Daktronics, provide us with a training session. I’d like to invite Masters swimmers to volunteer at meets this year to help run our timing.

See you at the pool!

George C. Villarreal, Manager
Jenks Trojan Aquatic Center
205 East B Street
Jenks, OK 74036
918.299.4415, ext. 1020

Monday, September 12, 2011

Thanks!---fwd note FROM George-- And results link

Hello, Tulsa Tallchief swimmers!

Thanks to all of you for participating today in the Tallchief Open Water Challenge. George asked me to forward the note below to all of you regarding washing our suits out before we return to the Jenks pool, or any other pool for that matter!

Also, the complete results from today's swim will be available later this evening on the DG Productions website.

See you in the pool!

-----Forwarded Message-----
From: George Villarreal
Sent: Sep 11, 2011 1:03 PM
To: Denise
Subject: Thanks!

Thanks for a great event! I really enjoyed it.

I wonder if you could pass this on to the rest of the Masters group:

Great job today Tulsa Masters! Great work, great swimming, and you should be proud of yourselves!

I want to ask if you could remember to wash out (in soapy water) any items you wore today in the lake before you use them again at the Jenks Aquatic Center. There has been research indicating that algae and mold spores can migrate from lakes to pools via swim suits and swim items. We have a great pool, and I know we want to keep it looking that way!

Again, great job today, especially to our organizers and volunteers! Thanks to everyone for showing up and representing our team!



Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tallchief Open Water Challange 2011

Thank you so much for your entry in the Tallchief Open Water Challenge. The current forecast is for sunny skies with a high of 90 degrees. Should be perfect weather for us! It is not too late for your swimming buddies to enter. Early registration, both on line & paper entries, closes at 11:59 pm, Friday September 9th. Entries after that time will be $10 more.

Just a few reminders:

All information pertaining to the swim can be found by going to the TMSC website and clicking on the Tallchief logo.

The event information includes directions to Zink Ranch, start times, etc. Please print this page for reference.

If you follow the directions, you shouldn't get lost. The biggest challenge will be avoiding the construction around downtown Tulsa to make your way to HWY 64/412 going west to Sand Springs/Stillwater. (Participants coming from OKC will not have to worry about this.)

Once on 64/412 going west, DO NOT exit until you get to 129th West Ave. There is a large, green, 'Zink Ranch' sign just before the exit. This is the exit to HWY 97 north, which will take you to Zink Ranch. Please note HWY 97 N will turn into a 2 lane road that has some twists & turns in it. Stay on the main road, do not turn off of it. Look for the event signs along the side of the road to reassure you. You will travel approx 9.7 miles north on this road.

Again, please read the directions given in the event information.

I will stress again that you need to allow plenty of time to find your way to Zink Ranch and Camp Tallchief where this swim is held. These are paved roads, but country roads, so highways speeds are not always safe. Once inside the ranch, the speed limit is pretty tame. We don't want to anger the Ranger! Enjoy the drive. It is beautiful inside the ranch.

The registration table closes at 8:30 am. You should plan to be through the main gate of the ranch no later than 8 am to allow plenty of time to check in and make your way to the start area. Swimmers may begin warming up at 8 am. No one should be in the water unless lifeguard support is present. Please listen to the officials at the start area.

Other info: the water temp should be well over 78 degrees. Wetsuits are not recommended when the water temp exceeds 78 degrees since it could cause a swimmer to over heat. If you choose to wear a wetsuit for safety reasons, please declare so at the registration table so that we may note it in the results. Swimmers wearing wetsuits are not eligible for overall awards. You may refer to the USMS Rulebook part 3 covering Open Water swim events for more information. The rule book is available on line at

That should do it for now. Enjoy your swim, stay around for some fun afterwards. We will be cooking hamburgers & veggie burgers. Overall awards & a few special awards will be given during the feast. Please stick around. I will start the awards ceremony as soon as possible after the last swimmer is out of the water.
Thanks again for your entry. I know there are many choices in the arena of fitness events. I'm glad you chose the 2011 Tallchief Open Water Challenge!

Denise Smart
Event Director

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good evening swimming fans!
(Please reply to in response to this email)

Tulsa Masters Swim Club is hosting the 4th annual TALLCHIEF OPEN WATER CHALLENGE, Sunday, September 11th. Yes, we know this event conflicts with the TriTulsa event! TAT and TMSC don't want any sporting need to go unmet! :)

"Double it" Weekend: As an enticement to the sprint distance triathletes, I will offer special recognition to anyone who completes the TriTulsa sprint distance race on Saturday and the Tallchief Open Water Challenge on Sunday. Just one requirement: please let me know by Friday, September 9 of your intent to do both.

To register: Please go to the Tulsa Masters website, - click on the Tallchief logo, which will take you straight to the online registration form and all the pertinent information about the event. Register by September 1st (earlier please!) to make sure you get a t-shirt. Please help me spread the word to all our multisport friends.

Upcoming masters swim meets:
October 15: 1st Annual Walmart Masters Swimming Invitational,
Bentonville, Arkansas

November 5: Lighthouse Swim Meet, Oklahoma City. Contact Kathy Keffer-Sharpe,

Swim meets are a great place to test your fitness, offering events for all types of swimmers. The Oklahoma Masters Swimming website,, has results of recent meets in the state. Check it out to see that you do stack up with those you may consider to be "real" swimmers.

Triathlon/Duathlon events:
September 17th: Oklahoma State University's 7th Annual Triathlon presented by Outdoor Adventure. Not a USAT sanctioned event, but it looks fun! It is a Swim, RUN, BIKE triathlon in Stillwater. Check out the event info:

October 1st: Jay Centennial Races, Jay, Oklahoma
I believe this is a new event. Includes a USAT sanctioned duathlon, a 5K run, plus some events for the kids, and a parade.

That is all for now. Feel free to contact me at or call 918-749-2253.

Hope to see you at Tallchief September 11th!

Denise Smart
Tulsa Masters Swim Club
Tulsa Area Triathlete member
918-749-2253 (evenings)


LUNCH TIME SWIM WORKOUTS at JENKS start September 6th!!
(please reply to

Good news for those of you who need a place to swim during the weekday:

Coach George Villarreal,, will offer masters swim workouts at Jenks High School beginning Tuesday, September 6th. The pool will be available Monday through Fridays 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Same "rules" apply as for the other masters practices at Jenks High School:

1) You must pay the monthly fee of $25($26.25 for non Jenks residents)to the Jenks Community Education Department, via their website,, look for 'swimming programs' in the list on the left side of the page. You can also call the JCE office to pay over the phone, 918-298-0340.

2) You must join United States Masters Swimming/ Tulsa Masters Swim Club. You can register online at Put in your zip code to get to the Oklahoma registration page.

There is a lot going on in the swimming world these days. Please refer to the Tulsa Masters website,, for recent emails regarding subjects such as:
--Tallchief Open Water Challenge, September 11th;

--Other up coming swim meets and multisport events;

--Places to swim/ schedules, including coached workouts, in the Tulsa area;

-- and Purchasing your own Tulsa Masters swim cap.

Also, please check out the Oklahoma Masters Swimming website,, for information about masters swimming across the state.

As always, please feel free to contact me regarding your swimming questions!

Happy Swimming!

Denise Smart
Tulsa Masters Swim Club
Event Director: Tallchief Open Water Challenge

Labor Day masters workout at Jenks 8 am -- NO evening workout!

There WILL be a morning masters workout at the Jenks pool on LABOR DAY, Monday, September 5, 8 to 10 am. (Yes, Saturday morning workout as usual this weekend).


Speaking of September, you can pay your September swimming fees on line to Jenks Community Ed. If you haven't bookmarked the JCE website by now, PLEASE DO SO! And add that monthly reminder to your calendar so we don't have to keep nagging you. Go to, look for 'swimming programs' in the sidebar to the left and go from there. OR go to the Tulsa Masters website,, and click on the JCE logo which will take you straight to the website. EASY!

The new swimmers who haven't yet joined United States Masters Swimming (USMS)/ Tulsa Masters Swim Club, we need you to do that, too. Go to reg, put in your zip code and you will go to the Oklahoma registration page. Another EASY!

And since I might have your attention, one more plug for the Tallchief Open Water Challenge. In case you've missed previous emails, the event is Sunday September 11. It consists of a 1/2 mile, 1 mile or 2 mile swim. The event is located at Zink Ranch, which is located north of Sand Springs. The venue is a very nice small private lake on the property of the Camp Tallchief Girl Scout camp. The water is clean & relatively clear by Oklahoma standards. Please join us for a fun day at the lake. There will be a cookout afterwards. Your family members are welcome to come out to cheer you on. If you don't want to swim, I'm sure I can use your help to make it a great event for all the swimmers. Please contact me if you have any questions about the lake swim. You can register by going to the TMSC website,, and clicking on the Tallchief logo on the right side of the page.

See you in the pool!

Denise Smart
Tulsa Masters Swim Club

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