Monday, September 12, 2011

Thanks!---fwd note FROM George-- And results link

Hello, Tulsa Tallchief swimmers!

Thanks to all of you for participating today in the Tallchief Open Water Challenge. George asked me to forward the note below to all of you regarding washing our suits out before we return to the Jenks pool, or any other pool for that matter!

Also, the complete results from today's swim will be available later this evening on the DG Productions website.

See you in the pool!

-----Forwarded Message-----
From: George Villarreal
Sent: Sep 11, 2011 1:03 PM
To: Denise
Subject: Thanks!

Thanks for a great event! I really enjoyed it.

I wonder if you could pass this on to the rest of the Masters group:

Great job today Tulsa Masters! Great work, great swimming, and you should be proud of yourselves!

I want to ask if you could remember to wash out (in soapy water) any items you wore today in the lake before you use them again at the Jenks Aquatic Center. There has been research indicating that algae and mold spores can migrate from lakes to pools via swim suits and swim items. We have a great pool, and I know we want to keep it looking that way!

Again, great job today, especially to our organizers and volunteers! Thanks to everyone for showing up and representing our team!



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