Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tallchief Open Water Challange 2011

Thank you so much for your entry in the Tallchief Open Water Challenge. The current forecast is for sunny skies with a high of 90 degrees. Should be perfect weather for us! It is not too late for your swimming buddies to enter. Early registration, both on line & paper entries, closes at 11:59 pm, Friday September 9th. Entries after that time will be $10 more.

Just a few reminders:

All information pertaining to the swim can be found by going to the TMSC website and clicking on the Tallchief logo. http://tulsamsc.blogspot.com

The event information includes directions to Zink Ranch, start times, etc. Please print this page for reference.

If you follow the directions, you shouldn't get lost. The biggest challenge will be avoiding the construction around downtown Tulsa to make your way to HWY 64/412 going west to Sand Springs/Stillwater. (Participants coming from OKC will not have to worry about this.)

Once on 64/412 going west, DO NOT exit until you get to 129th West Ave. There is a large, green, 'Zink Ranch' sign just before the exit. This is the exit to HWY 97 north, which will take you to Zink Ranch. Please note HWY 97 N will turn into a 2 lane road that has some twists & turns in it. Stay on the main road, do not turn off of it. Look for the event signs along the side of the road to reassure you. You will travel approx 9.7 miles north on this road.

Again, please read the directions given in the event information.

I will stress again that you need to allow plenty of time to find your way to Zink Ranch and Camp Tallchief where this swim is held. These are paved roads, but country roads, so highways speeds are not always safe. Once inside the ranch, the speed limit is pretty tame. We don't want to anger the Ranger! Enjoy the drive. It is beautiful inside the ranch.

The registration table closes at 8:30 am. You should plan to be through the main gate of the ranch no later than 8 am to allow plenty of time to check in and make your way to the start area. Swimmers may begin warming up at 8 am. No one should be in the water unless lifeguard support is present. Please listen to the officials at the start area.

Other info: the water temp should be well over 78 degrees. Wetsuits are not recommended when the water temp exceeds 78 degrees since it could cause a swimmer to over heat. If you choose to wear a wetsuit for safety reasons, please declare so at the registration table so that we may note it in the results. Swimmers wearing wetsuits are not eligible for overall awards. You may refer to the USMS Rulebook part 3 covering Open Water swim events for more information. The rule book is available on line at www.usms.org.

That should do it for now. Enjoy your swim, stay around for some fun afterwards. We will be cooking hamburgers & veggie burgers. Overall awards & a few special awards will be given during the feast. Please stick around. I will start the awards ceremony as soon as possible after the last swimmer is out of the water.
Thanks again for your entry. I know there are many choices in the arena of fitness events. I'm glad you chose the 2011 Tallchief Open Water Challenge!

Denise Smart
Event Director

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