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TMSC 2012 New Year Update

Hi Swimmers!

It is the end of January and it feels like March. My sinuses are telling me the same. We are going to regret the prayers for a mild winter!

It's time for a new year update. (yes, Steve Johnson, this will be a very long email!) I know you've missed getting emails from me!! I want to welcome all the new members and also thank those of you who renewed your memberships for 2012. Tulsa Masters does benefit from your USMS membership. A percentage of the total USMS membership fee funnels through Oklahoma Masters Swimming and then to Tulsa Masters Swim Club. These funds will go toward club activities. We anticipate receiving approximately $900 "profit sharing" from the 2011 memberships. It's not all about the money, though. I'm just happy to have a so many people to workout with on a daily basis! You can see the list of all registered Oklahoma swimmers at

If for some reason, you haven't renewed for 2012, please do it NOW. Remember, for those swimming at Jenks, you are REQUIRED to be a USMS member to participate in the designated masters workouts.

For those of you new to the club, please regularly check the TMSC website, and also the Oklahoma Masters Swimming website, for updates to the calendar, news, etc. We do our best to keep this as up to date as possible. Almost all of the emails I send will be posted to the club website.

FUN STUFF: Congrats to 7 Tulsa Masters members who completed the impromptu One Hour swim at the Jenks pool on Saturday, Jan. 28: Stephen Louy, Jon Dees, George Villarreal, Joe Ballinger, Bruce Dart, Norman Kahler and Denise Smart. Sorry, I don't know how far everyone swam. I do know George did somewhere around 4800. He bragged that he lapped Jon Dees 8 times. Show off! :)

Also congrats to the Tulsa Masters members who competed in the the ORU Indoor Triathlon on Saturday, Jan 28: Mona Canaday (1st 55-59); Amy Fahrlander (1st 35-39); Elissa Bates (4th overall and 1st 20-24); Denise Smart (1st overall female); Colin Drysdale(6th 35-39); Alejandro Torres(1st 40-44); Robert Broaddus(1st 50-54); Matt Bowler(3rd overall,1st 35-39); Alan Ball(2nd overall,2nd 25-29). Brian McKinney did the race with his daughter, Gracie. I think she is 11 yrs old and she was 2nd in the 8-14 age group. This was Gracie's first triathlon. Good job everyone! Please forgive me if I missed anyone in the results.

MEDICAL MOMENTS: I want to acknowledge some of our members who are recovering from surgeries, going through treatment, and anxiously ready to give birth! Please keep our teammates and their families in your thoughts as they go through life's joys and tribulations: Steve Allen, Don Nelson, Betsy Beddow, Jon Billings, Denny Saunders and Jocelyn Wood. I know Jon has already returned to the pool, and Betsy hopes to in the very near future. Jocelyn is holding onto twin girls, but it sounds like she is ready to let them go whenever they decide it's time. Best wishes to all of you!

The rest of this newsletter contains information regarding the 2011 TMSC Financial Report, upcoming meet schedule, volunteer opportunities at the USA Swimming/Speedo Sectional meet, and an update on action items from the annual club meeting. Please contact me if you have any questions!

The club's financial report is available for your viewing pleasure on the TMSC website:
Click on it to make it readable.

Just a note of explanation-
The club account had a loss of $883 in 2011. This entire amount can be attributed to the Tallchief Open Water Challenge event:
1) We incorporated chip timing to add quality and efficiency to our event.
2) Event income was affected by the loss of approximately 20 participants over 2010.
3) Swim Tulsa did not co-sponsor the event, so TMSC picked up the full share of expenses.

I once again need to acknowledge the financial sponsors of the 2011 Tallcheif event: Landreth Law Firm, Leslie Sauber,, JW Designs, and Tulsa Area Triathletes. We would not be able to put on this unique event without their assistance.

The 5th Annual Tallchief event is September 9, 2012. The event will be dual sanctioned with USA Triathlon (USAT) and United States Masters Swimming (USMS). We hope this will increase participation. I do intend to use the chip timing system again.

Please continue to check the Oklahoma Masters Swimming website,, for updates to the calendar. Colin Drysdale, the web master, will update the dates, links to entry forms, etc, as he gets the information. Also watch for emails from our registrar, Loida Delgado,, with information about the meets. The email subject line usually reads something like "Oklahoma" or "Oklahoma news". Loida sends out information to all Oklahoma masters swimmers upon request.

February 25th: Rose State Masters meet, Midwest City:

March 30 - April 1st: South Central Zone Championships (TX, AR, OK) Southlake, TX (near Dallas), Carroll Independent School District pool. Dewey has talked to the meet director and the entry form will be available soon.

April 14th: April Pools, Jenks Trojan Aquatic Center. Entry form will be available soon! Denise Freisberg is the meet director.

April 26 - April 29: Short Course Nationals, Greensboro, No.Carolina July 5 - July 8: Long Course Nationals, Omaha, Nebraska

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES USA SWIMMING/SPEEDO SECTIONALS MEET March 1- March 4 at Jenks Trojan Aquatic Center YOU have the opportunity to be a part of the most prestigious event yet to be held at the new Jenks swimming facility. This event hosts the 'best of the best' in USA Swimming's Central Zone. Many of these swimmers have already qualified for the Olympic Trials. Whether you swim at Jenks or somewhere else, your help is needed for this 4 day event. Please contact George Villarreal,, if you can assist. A list of volunteer needs is posted on the TMSC website,

UPDATE from the 2011 TMSC ANNUAL MEETING In case you missed it the first time, the minutes from the annual TMSC club meeting held in November are posted on the website:
Thanks to all of you who answered the call for help with various club activities. It takes a village! There are still many opportunities to get involved. I promise, you can hold down your 'real' job, your family responsibilities, and your workout schedule, and still help the club. The more people who get involved, the less of a burden it is.

Thanks to Gordon Pirie, Erin Morrison, Don Nelson, Dewey Smith, and Leslie Sauber for being volunteer "officials" for the Tulsa Public School swim events at Booker T. Washington HS. We are great ambassadors for life time swimming and our assistance is appreciated by those organizing these meets.

Most urgent volunteer needs as of today:
1) USA SWIMMING/SPEEDO SECTIONALS MEET March 1- March 4 at Jenks Trojan Aquatic Center. See above. Please contact George Villarreal, if you can help. Anytime you can give will be greatly appreciated. I promise, you will enjoy being involved with this event.

2) April 14th: April Pools, Jenks Trojan Aquatic Center. TMSC's annual spring masters meet. Denise Freisberg is tackling her first meet director job. If you don't want to swim in the meet, we can use your help the day of the event. We also need someone to plan the post meet party. Please contact us if you can assist in any way. Denise Freisberg, meet director: OR Denise Smart, club president,

Thanks for reading my very long email. Please contact me if you have questions, comments or suggestions. Email:; In person: at the Jenks pool in the evenings or Saturdays.

Keep Swimming!!

Denise Smart
Tulsa Masters Swim Club

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