Monday, October 31, 2011

November b-day workout, bagels & club meeting, Reminders!

Hello, Tulsa Masters Swimmers!

Several of your fellow Tusla Masters teammates are celebrating birthdays in November. You are invited to join Don Nelson, Dewey Smith, George Villarreal, and myself for a FUN Saturday birthday workout on November 19th, 8 am, at the Jenks pool. To further entice you, please plan to stay for refreshments after the workout. A very brief club meeting will take place then, too. See agenda & more info below.

I know there are probably more November birthday buddies out there, so let me know who you are. If you want to join in the fun, plan to contribute a short set (500 to 1000 yards) that we can all do together.

If 8 am is too early for you to swim, then come for the refreshments afterwards. We'll start munching about 9:45 or so.

As for the club meeting....
It is a requirement of USMS and Oklahoma Masters Swimming that each club hold an annual meeting. Our last official meeting was in July, 2010. I also sent out a year end newsletter in December 2010 along with the Christmas party invitations. I promise this meeting will be brief and not detract from the birthday celebration. I don't know of any 'new' business we need to attend to, unless you have something to add. I hope this will be a good opportunity for all of us to mix and mingle. With so many new members, and so many different workout groups, we rarely have a chance to all be together at once.

Please know this meeting is NOT mandatory for you to attend, but it is mandatory that we have a club meeting. I hope that in conjunction with a fun workout and FOOD, it won't be so bad! :)

Here is the agenda as of now:

I. Overview of the 2011
a. membership
b. TMSC hosted events

II. Upcoming events
a. Xmas Party
b. 2012 schedule

III. Treasurer's report

IV. Round Table

November 5: Lighthouse Meet, OKC, aka, "Kathy's meet". I will definitely be going to this meet. Please let me know if you are going and you want to ride together. Meet info:

Renew your USMS membership starting November 1: You'll soon receive an email from USMS encouraging you to renew your membership before the end of the year. Special sponsor discounts are offered as an incentive. Let's see if we can renew 100% of our club by December 31!

One favor to ask of the unattached swimmers: If you are a Tulsa area swimmer who registered as 'unattached' in 2011, I encourage you to select Tulsa Masters when you renew for 2012. There are many advantages for me personally, in that I can have one distribution list for all TMSC members to make sure everyone gets my very important emails! Also, a small portion of your annual fee does come back to the club to help pay for the Xmas party expenses, the occasional refreshments after workouts, etc. We do hope you will offer to help us at TMSC events, but we have no mandatory volunteer hour requirements.

Last note on USMS memberships: If you have friends who are waiting to join, tell them to sign up now. Their membership will be good for the remainder of 2011 (so they can swim at the Lighthouse meet!) and all of 2012.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions. I will apologize in advance if you receive multiple emails on this subject. I want to make sure I contact everyone.

Happy Swimming!
Denise Smart
Tulsa Masters Swim Club

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