Saturday, May 14, 2011

ADD Wednesday mornings at Jenks to your swim options!

Dear Swimmers:

Morning masters workouts at Jenks will now include WEDNESDAYS! That means you can swim three days/week in the mornings, 6 am to 7:30am. Lloyd Landreth is still your contact, , for the morning swims, but Leslie Sauber will be 'in charge' on Wednesday mornings when Lloyd can't be there. Please see the information below, especially the arrival time!

Also, in case you've missed it in other emails, we are swimming FIVE nights per week (6 pm to 7:30 pm) AND Saturday mornings (8 to 10 am) at the new Jenks Pool. I'm your contact for questions regarding these workouts.

Happy Swimming!!
Denise Smart
Tulsa Masters Swim Club
Here are the policies we MUST adhere to: (In the mornings only!)

• Ben will be there for Rise and Shine, so the doors will be unlocked UNTIL Ben leaves around 6:00 AM or shortly thereafter, so be there a few minutes BEFORE 6:00 AM
• Ben will lock the outside doors when he leaves, so anyone trying to get in after Ben leaves is out of luck unless you let them in. This will change when the Club starts swimming in the AM.
• Morning Swim is over at 7:30 AM, so please make sure all Masters swimmers are out at that time.
• No one swims alone
• You will not have to unlock or lock anything.
• Ben or Denise or I will let you know once we get keys to the remodeled locker rooms. Until then, use the new ones. Not as big an issue until school is out and the Club starts swimming in the morning.
• Do a sign-in sheet each morning and either drop them in my mailbox or fax to me or scan and email to me.

Also: Denise sent out info regarding fees/ method of payment. Try to pay ASAP so we keep everyone happy. From Denise:
If you plan to be a regular swimmer at Jenks, you need to pay! Please go to the Jenks Community Ed (JCE) website, We will pay by the month. Please note that if you are over 62 yrs old AND a Jenks resident, you are eligible for an additional discount. Please read the info on the link above and call the JCE office directly.
In addition to the monthly fee paid to JCE, you are required to join United States Masters Swimming- Tulsa Masters Swim Club. This is an annual fee. Please go to and go from there. Quick and easy.

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