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"Test Your Skills with Long Distance Pool Events"

"Test Your Skills with Long Distance Pool Events"


Saturday November 13th at the Jenks High School 25 Yd Pool, 7:45 am.

WHAT IS A “POSTAL SWIM”? Postal swims are long distance pool events that are sponsored by United States Masters Swimming. An individual or team swims the distance event in their own pool, then sends their results to the USMS team that is sponsoring the specific event. The event sponsors tabulate and post results on the USMS website as well as email and/or mail results to all officially entered swimmers. There are several different "postal events" scheduled throughout the year and include:

January: One Hour Swim: Swim as far as possible in one hour. TMSC will offer this swim on a Saturday morning in January at the Jenks indoor 25 yd pool.

May through September: 5000 M and 10,000 M distances. This event must be swum in a 50M pool. TMSC hopes to do this in the new Jenks High School indoor 50M pool next summer.

October through mid-November: 3000 and 6000 yard distances. This event must be swum in a 25 Yd pool. TMSC is offering this event on Saturday November 13th at the Jenks High School indoor 25 yd pool.

December: the "Pentathlon" that includes events in each stroke along with an IM event.

These events are a great way for distance swimmers and triathletes to participate nationally in a long pool swim without having to travel.

Many distance swimmers use these events to track their progress from year to year. Note: You can participate in the TMSC event without entering the national "race"! Details below.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE 3K/ 6K EVENT: Any USMS registered swimmer who is up to the challenge of a 3000 or 6000 yard swim! If you're already registered for 2010--great. If not, registration for 2011 begins on November 1, 2010--so you can register starting 11-1-10 on line at or on the deck prior to the start of the 3K/ 6K event. Registration will cover the rest of 2010 and all of 2011.

COST OF THE EVENT: If you are registered for the TMSC Saturday morning workout group at the Jenks pool, there is no charge for swimming the event. If you are not, there will be a $5 charge which will be collected before the start of the event. If you enter the national competition, there is an additional fee that you will need to send with your national entry form to this year's national sponsor (see below).

NATIONAL TABULATION: If you want to enter your time in the National USMS event, you must send a completed entry form. An entry form is available at: We will also have copies at the pool on the day of the event. Cost to enter the national event is $12 for individuals and $18 for relays and must be sent to this year's host team: Masters of South Texas.

THE EVENTS: The events are individual 3000 or 6000 yd swims or a team competition. (The 3000 is 120 lengths and the 6000 is 240 lengths of a 25 yd pool).

There are 3 team events: 3 men, 3 women, 4 mixed (2 men/ 2 women). Each team member must enter the individual event and be registered with the same club. The youngest member’s age shall determine the team’s age group.

WHEN & WHERE: Saturday, November 13th, 7:45 am.

Jenks High School Pool located at 205 East B Street in Jenks.

From Riverside Drive in Tulsa: Cross the 96th St bridge into Jenks. Once over the bridge, turn right (north) at the first light, then left (west) at the stop sign onto "B Street". Go west on "B Street" until you reach "Birch" (you will pass the High School, but if you go over the RR tracks, you've gone too far). Turn right (north) onto "Birch", go past the construction site and turn right into the parking lot just north of the construction site. Follow the signs to the pool from there.

For a detailed map of the campus, see at The pool is in building 7.

We will open the building at 7:45. We will start the first heat by 8:15.

WHAT TO BRING: You'll need to bring your own counter (i.e., a person to count your laps) if you plan to enter the national competition. He/ she should be equipped with a clip board and pencil. Bring whatever food and drink you need for the event. We’ll provide watches and lap counting sheets.

DURING THE EVENT: YES, you can take water/food or bathroom breaks, but the clock doesn't break with you.

CONTACT: Leslie Sauber (918-808-4384 or by November 7th so that we’ll know how many to expect. Please let us know which distance you plan to do and give an estimated finish time so that we can group swimmers in heats by time.

For more information about the national event to to and scroll down to the 3K/ 6K postal event.

Hope you will join us for a long swim!!!

Sent on behalf of Leslie Sauber. Thanks for organizing the event, Leslie!

Denise Smart
Tulsa Masters Swim Club
(918) 749-2253

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