Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Still a few spots open in the swim clinic, Friday 11/12

Just a reminder that there is a 2 part swim clinic with underwater video taping at BTW HS this Friday and next! There are still a few slots available, mainly during the 4 to 5 pm hour, and the 7 to 8 hr. You need to sign up for a slot in order to be videoed. You can also participate in an 'in-the-water' clinic either before or after your video taping. You do not need to be at the pool for 4 hrs!

Please contact Coach Jason Sauer as soon as possible to grab the last few remaining spots. You can reach Jason by phone: 760-0909 or by email: hornets Click on the link for all the details:

Hope to see you at the pool!

Denise Smart
Tulsa Masters Swim Club

Coach Jason Sauer, Booker T. Washington HS and Tulsa Masters Swim Club coach, is conducting a Long Axis stroke clinic in November. 'Long axis' means he will cover the strokes of freestyle and backstroke. The cost is only $20 if you sign up before November 5th.

This is a 2 part clinic held the evenings of Friday, November 12 and Friday November 19 at Booker T. Washington HS. The clinic is open to all swimmers, whether you are a competitive masters swimmer, triathlete, or fitness swimmer. You will be videoed underwater during the 1st day of the clinic and receive a copy of your DVD the next week. There will also be 'in the water' stroke clinics during both sessions.

Please see the link below for specific information about the clinic:

You need to contact Jason Sauer to secure your spot in the clinic. Jason can be reached at 918-760-0909 or by email: Space is limited to 48swimmers, so please make your reservation early!

This is an excellent opportunity to see how you look in the water and gain feedback on ways to improve your stroke. I can personally testify as to how important it is to see yourself swim. I realized I have developed some bad habits over the years. The bad habits can be corrected and hopefully make me a better swimmer AND prevent injuries!!

Thanks for your time! Hope to see you at the clinic!

Denise Smart
Tulsa Masters Swim Club

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