Wednesday, August 18, 2010

(less than) 2 MORE WEEKS of McCLURE SWIMMING & other info!

Hello, my swimming friends!

I meant to send this Sunday evening and may have sent something else instead. My brain is truly overloaded right now. Please read on.....

(warning--- this is a long note, but of course contains VERY important information!)

Hard to believe we only have TWO weeks left to swim at McClure! The majority of you have hung on this long, so don't quit now!! If you haven't been to the pool in a while, please join us for the last few days of outdoor swimming. There is SOME hope that the water temp will be cooler this week with the slight break in the heat and cooler night time temps.

The good news is that Coach Scott is back from his roller coaster riding jaunt around the country. You won't have to put up with MY workouts anymore! Scott will be on deck every night for the last two weeks. Many great reasons to come to McClure: 1) Scott will be writing the workouts-- YAY! 2) Scott will be on deck to give you all the stroke help you can handle. 3) FUN! Despite the hot water, we manage to have fun swimming every night. So come join us.

NOW for the schedule leading up to and including the meet, which is THIS coming weekend, FRIDAY night and SATURDAY, August 20 & 21st!!! Lots of info, please bear with me!
**** If you plan to swim in the meet, but haven't yet sent your entry to Leslie, bring it to me tomorrow evening. I will drop them by Leslie's house on my way home. IF you just can't make yourself swim in the meet, we can REALLY REALLY use your help as timers. See below for more details.

1> Already mentioned, Scott is back every night this week (and next).
2> Rhonda's merry elves should be placing the starting blocks at the deep end of the pool sometime this week.
3> A few of us will be picking up the touch pads from Union HS on Wednesday evening prior to workout. We will arrive at McClure to transfer those touch pads to the guards room where they will remain until Saturday. We will need help UNLOADING the touch pads when we arrive at the pool. If you are swimming Wednesday evening, please offer your assistance to us when we arrive. THANK YOU!
4> THURSDAY NIGHT, August 19th: WE NEED TO PUT IN ALL THE LANE ROPES. If everyone helps, it will go fast and we can still do a workout. Please make an effort to come to the pool Thursday evening so we can complete this task quickly.
5> FRIDAY NIGHT: THE MEET! This is the distance night, 800 meter free & 1500 meter free. Warm up is at 5 pm, 1st heat starts at 6 pm. If a distance swim isn't your thing, please come to the pool to help time. We won't be using electronic timing that night, so we need at least 2 timers on every lane and we will probably use all 8 lanes. Some of the swimmers may also need someone to count for them. No experience necessary, we can train you quickly if you are new to this sort of thing. Twisting the arms of your loved ones to help us is also encouraged! :D The group usually goes to dinner together after completion of the swims.
6> SATURDAY: THE BIG DAY! Possibly the last USMS sanctioned event at McClure Park Pool. You don't want to miss this!

Event Highlights:
--> A limited number of commemorative t-shirts will be available to swimmers & volunteers!
--> The water slide will be open during the meet! We will have lifeguards on duty to protect us from ourselves and to watch over your children. Yes, your family members are encouraged to spend the day at the meet. The shallow area of the pool is available for play and the slide will be open.
--> We want EVERYONE- swimmers, timers, anyone able to complete a 50 meter swim- to participate in the last event of the day, the 200 Free relay. If you don't have a relay team going for Top 10, this event is for FUN. You don't have to dive off the blocks, water starts okay. In fact, no one will be diving off the side of the shallow end-- USMS rules! Have that suit on and be ready to swim in the last official masters relay at McClure Park Pool.
-->And last but not least, the post meet celebration will take place at Leslie's air conditioned home! Main dish & drinks provided. We need YOU to provide the side dishes and desserts.

NOW for the Saturday schedule:
1) 8:30 am: Drop off your FOOD at Leslie's house on your way to the pool. Leslie's address-
724 S. Sandusky Ave. Leslie is just north of 11th Street, between Harvard & Yale, about a mile from the pool. Someone will be at Leslie's house until about 9:45 to accept your food.
2) 9:00 am: Meet registration, warm up begins.
3) 10:00 am: Meet begins.
4) 2:00 pm: Post Meet Celebration at Leslie's house!!!
In case you STILL haven't looked at the entry form, here is the link: ( just click on the forms & print them as needed.)
I think I got it all. Thanks for your undivided attention. Please contact me or Leslie,, if you have any questions.

I will see you at the pool this week!!!

Denise Smart
Tulsa Masters Swim Club
(918) 749-2253

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