Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the dog days of August at McClure!

Hello McClure swimmers!

Yep, we are still swimming at our favorite outdoor pool for the month of August. Thanks to Matt, Sarah & John for providing the soaker hose to help cool us a little bit at the shallow end of the pool. The water temp was tolerable last week. I'm not sure we can expect the same this week, so bring your ice cold drinks to have on the edge of the pool. But nothing that will cause an abnormal physiological response and create a medical emergency, please! :)

Scott Z. will miss the next two weeks as he is vacationing with his family before his son returns to school. BUT.... he will make it up to us the last two weeks of August by being on deck all four nights of those two weeks.

In the meantime, there will be no shortage of workout ideas. I'm open to suggestions, so don't be bashful. We will adjust the intensity according to the pool temp. I'll arrive armed with three different workouts for your choosing. Just remember this is masters swimming... you really can do what you want to do! Long gone are the days when coaches threw chairs in the pool for not following commands. (Yes, I really did have a coach throw a chair in the pool during my high school practice!)

See you at the pool!


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