Monday, March 31, 2014

THREE THINGS.... Tulsa Masters Swim Club‏

Hello, Tulsa Masters Swimmers! Three things you need to know about OUR meet, April Pools, hosted by OUR club, Tulsa Masters Swim Club: #3) NEW: Please help to defray the cost of the meet by bringing refreshments for our fabulous volunteers. A sign up list has been created at Thank you for your donation! #2) If you aren't swimming but can volunteer, we need you! Your loved ones/ significant others/ kids needing community service hours/ are welcome as well. The biggest need is timers. Please go to to volunteer. THANK YOU. #1) If you haven't registered for the meet yet, online registration is open until Wednesday night, April 2nd. Go to for the link to the entry form. Thanks to everyone who already registered! :) Thanks for your part in making this a great experience for our guests. Denise Smart Tulsa Masters Swim Club

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  1. Thanks Tulsa wonderful sharing I am very happy to read this and get important information about swimming. Your club is best and doing advance level work. Also registration process is very easy.


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