Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 'State of Tulsa Masters Swimming' email‏

In light of the President's upcoming 'State of the Union' address, here is your 'State of Tulsa Masters Swimming' email. Thankfully, you don't have to actually hear me talk! But I will take feedback, suggestions, volunteers..... First, per the requirement of the OK LMSC (OMS), attached is the 2013 TMSC Financial Report. Issuance of the financial report to our members, along with holding an annual meeting, fulfills the requirement to allow TMSC to receive the annual profit sharing distribution. The annual meeting was held November 2, 2013. Minutes of the meeting were emailed to all members at the time. I will include the action items at the bottom of this email to remind us of the things we want to accomplish this year. Please email me if you'd like a complete copy of the minutes. Next: Huge thank you to Andrea Gillman and Blair Brockman for organizing another fantastic Christmas Party at Perryman Ranch. We will most likely go back to Perryman for the 2014 party, so remember us when you start making other party plans. This is the best party you will attend during the holiday season! :) And thanks to everyone who contributed to our collection of winter hats and gloves for the homeless children in the TPS district!! I'm sure we helped to keep some little heads and hands warmer so far this winter. Other things: Check out the calendar on for upcoming events. Please note the Rose State meet in Midwest City is March 15. The meet information is there. April Pools at JTAC is April 5. I will get working on the meet information ASAP! Thanks to everyone who has already renewed their 2014 USMS/TMSC membership. We have 115 members so far. Welcome to all the new swimmers! For you "old timers", please make sure you introduce yourself to the new swimmers at the pool. And new swimmers, don't be afraid to introduce yourself, ask questions, etc. We are glad you are swimming! Go to if you haven't yet renewed for 2014. Tulsa Masters Swim Club is on Facebook! I encourage you to join the group. The benefits are that any member of the group can post there. Sometimes notifications done via Facebook are a little more timely and efficient than sending an email. Some fun stuff is being posted as well! You can search for Tulsa Masters Swim Club in Facebook, or 'like us' by clicking the Facebook link on the OK swimming website or the Tulsa Masters Swim Club website. or If you can't make it to Jenks to swim on a regular basis, please remember there is a 'drop in fee' option. Go to to 'pay as you go'. No cash taken at the pool. Join us when you can. I love to swim every day, but Saturdays are my favorite workout, We usually have a big, fun, group AND we go out to breakfast afterwards! Plenty of room for all at any workout. Please join us. That is all for now. Again, the action items from the annual meeting are included below. Let me know if you have any questions/thoughts/suggestions. Thank you for reading this email. Just keep swimming! Denise Smart President, Tulsa Masters Swim Club NEW BUSINESS (from the Nov 2, 2013 TMSC annual meeting): Andrea Gillman will set up a time for Tulsa Masters members to volunteer at the Jenks Community Food Bank. Denise S. will send the year end TMSC (old) treasurer report to all members by January 30, 2014 to fulfill OMS requirements for profit sharing. Liz Lazar will coordinate scheduling members of Tulsa Masters to train in the meet manger room on the other two computer positions, besides Hy-Tech operator. Please watch for further emails. This is a great opportunity for someone who is willing to help at our meets, but doesn’t want to compete in our meets. It is not a hard job to learn! Andrea Gillman will coordinate a new TMSC t-shirt design and order. Note: club members will pre-order/pay for these shirts. Denise S. will initiate contact with Jocelyn Wood for design ideas. Denise S. will also contact Jocelyn Wood about “tweaking” the Tulsa Masters logo to incorporate the Jenks color scheme into our existing logo/ colors. Logo ideas will be emailed to the club members for a “vote” before going forward with changes. TOP 3 MOST WANTED: meet directors for April Pools, OK Memorial Meet, Tallchief Dewey Smith will continue to pressure the South Central LMSC Zone chair for a date of the long course Zone meet (to allow us to set our meet date). Denise S. will work with George to set date for OK Memorial Long Course Meet ***** WE need to form a committee composed of club members to work on a succession plan for the position of club president, pool meet directors, and Tallchief. This committee should be lead by someone other than Denise S! (please note: this is your heads up that Denise S. would like to roll off all, or most, of her duties in 2015!) Other ideas from a member who couldn’t be present at the meeting: Some kind of roster/contact list of members that is accessible to all registered members. Some way to compile and communicate the athletic accomplishments of our members, i.e. the triathlon results, swim meets, postal swims, runs, bike races, etc.

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