Monday, July 8, 2013

Zone Championships‏

Masters Swimmers, As you know, we are hosting the Southwestern Zone Masters Swimming Championship on July 19-21. As the host organization, I strongly encourage EVERYONE to participate in this meet. Please register to swim events, even if you've never participated in a meet prior. We offer 50m races in every stroke, so you can get in and out quickly. For the many triathletes who swim with us: please consider registering for the 1500m, 800m or 400m swims. These are the long events that mirror the distances you will cover in your races. Swimming in those events at our meet will give you a great baseline for your races this season, AND you'll be helping the team with the overall scoring in the meet! You will find no better place to swim these events than in our very own home pool. You can also use your entry into these races as a great training day! PLEASE consider joining out efforts at this meet! For all Masters swimmers, thanks in advance for your contribution to our event! George Villarreal, Head Coach Denise Smart, President Dewey Smith and Denise Freisberg, Meet Directors

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  1. Thank you for an really fun event, Tulsa! The venue was gorgeous and you guys should be proud. Would love to come back for another round if you do it again. If word gets out about what a great job you guys did, you'll bring more in. HOpe to see some of y'all at your OW event in Sept.
    Kari K - Irving Swimmers


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