Monday, June 17, 2013

Stormy Weather‏

Masters Swimmers: This morning, we experienced a quirk of OK weather. Thunderstorms passed over Jenks just as the pool was to open for Early Riser and Masters swim practice sessions. The Early Riser session was cancelled, and a sign was placed on the door indicating that the pool was closed. I opened the pool at 6am and we proceeded with practice. I tracked the storms and lightening strikes, and determined that the pool was safe. Conditions were unsafe earlier, while the storm was directly over Jenks. I have started to implement a policy that states that we will close the pool during electrical storms. Usually, this will affect mid-day and afternoon swim times, but is designed for any hours of operation. Masters Swimmers, If you plan to come to the pool, please check weather conditions before you leave. If the storm track, including electrical activity, is directly over Jenks or nearby, we will cancel sessions. As with today, however, if the storm is past, we will re-open. Thanks, and see you at the pool! George Villarreal

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