Friday, September 24, 2010


Bargain priced Tallchief and McClure t-shirts for sale!

I have a few shirts left over from our two summer events. They are for sale for $5!

Both shirts are 100% cotton. My shirts haven't shrunk with washing, but someone else told me theirs did.

Both shirts were designed by our very own creative wild woman, Jocelyn Wood.

The TMSC logo is printed on both shirts.

The Tallchief Open Water Challenge shirts are a dark charcoal grey shirt with white lettering. The 'trademark' Tallchief turtle is on the front of the shirt; the turtle, the sponsors, and other info is on the back of the shirt. A very cool shirt!

I have 1 small, 1 large, 1 XL, and 10 medium shirts left from the Tallchief event.

The ' 30th Annual Oklahoma Memorial Championship at McClure' is a white shirt with yellow and blue lettering. The TMSC logo is very prominent on the back of this shirt. This shirt commemorates the 30 years TMSC has hosted a summer meet and the 'almost that many years' the meet has been held at McClure. Also a cool shirt. They design was kind of my idea, but Jocelyn made it look good!

I ONLY HAVE 2 MEDIUM SHIRTS left from the McClure meet.

First come, first serve.

Email me if you'd like a shirt and I'll save one for you! Only $5!!



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