Monday, March 1, 2010

BTW Masters Workout week 3-01 thru 3-05

Hello all,

I hope everyone did receive the email thru Denise sent last week. She has helped me again by sending me the list of email addresses for the masters and tri's. Thanks you Denise you are a gem. I have been working on TU for a while with an agreement to use but no time or days. Nick Salis is over the aquatics and he ended up going out of town or sick most all last week. I am still actively pursuing, but not too optimistic for this time out. I want to secure it for future break that we have to take, related to school being out or otherwise.

I did arrange for the pool at Memorial HS to be availible from 5-7 monday. wednesday and friday this week and next if needed. For those who dont know where it is, its next to lafortune park on the eastside. the pool door will be propped open which is on the westside of the main entrance directly in front of the big parking lot. Coach Joanna Bentley is the high school coach there and she will run the workouts. We have been working together for several months on building a swim program there. She is a very good coach. There will be a workout availible that I will send her and she will be there to address any questions or help with your swimming.

I do have workouts at mannford and sapulpa still happening. These are my age group swim team workouts, but I can have more people in the pool.
Mannford: Wednesday from 6-7 and Saturday from 9-10
Sapulpa: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30-7:30

Please let me know if you coming to Mannford and Sapulpa so I can have a workout prepared and a lane in.

I apologize for the inconvenience and I hope to see everyone very soon. --

Jason F Sauer

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